Project Start
1st November 2016

Project End
31st March 2019

Project Budget

An Integrated Diagnostic System for Bacterial Detection in Poultry Farms

This Is

Preventative control measures that minimise downstream cross-contamination.

There is increasing pressure within the poultry industry to improve biosecurity measures & cleanliness in primary production; advanced diagnostics for early disease detection are high on the agenda. In response to this specific industry need, this project will develop an integrated on-farm early-warning bacterial sensing system for Intensive Poultry Production Systems, targeting key foodborne disease pathogens prevalent in poultry meat: Campylobacter, E.coli & Salmonella.

The proposed innovation integrates sample collection, chemical-free enrichment, acoustic and optic detection as well as a seamless user presentation. This has been made possible thanks to leading agricultural scientists and engineers who have teamed up with poultry producers and industry informers. The main objective is to enable earlier decision making by producers to instigate preventative control measures that will decrease foodborne disease outbreaks within the supply chain.

Four commercial partners, an academic partner and two sub-contractor companies are working together to develop and field trial a prototype system that will deliver results immediately at low cost. This means that much more frequent measurement can be undertaken and allow proactive nutrition management including the use of pro-biotics to improve gut health and therefore productivity.

Precision farming using high-tech sensors and sophisticated automated data analysis is becoming mainstream in modern agriculture. The BirdEase project’s multi-disciplinary approach that includes specialist sub-contractors and a prime producer in the mix will ensure the successful achievement of the project’s objectives.

Wider investment interest will be sought immediately post-project to allow a first production run of machines to be assembled and dispersed more widely with a view to rapidly building up our knowledge base related to bacterial challenge in poultry farming.


This project is co-funded by the UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK and BBSRC

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